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Local businesses met again at the Burgh Hall this week to discuss the BID renewal.

Around 35 people attended, seated in small groups. Each group was ‘visited’ by two BID board members to facilitate discussions on evening’s topics and to garner opinions and suggestions.

These visits were timed at 15 minutes each, and at the end of the allotted time, the members moved on to the next table, and a new pair arrived to take their place.

Future Events

Feedback was shared about the success, or otherwise, of previous events. Most of the responses have been positive, although there was some criticism that they were too sports oriented. Future events being considered included holding water ski-ing championships at the Holy Loch Marina; a weekend festival of cycling, and using the Queen’s Hall and the Burgh Hall for musical events. One event with good upscale potential is the Triathalon, with the possibility of the swimming section taking place in open water rather than the swimming pool.

This year’s Dunoon Dazzles is looking particularly healthy with more businesses than ever taking stalls in Argyll Street.


At the moment the BID receives funding of £15,000 from Argyll and Bute Council, in addition to their own levy. An increase on this £15,000 would be asked for. Further funding and sponsorship are needed to take events to the next level. A major funding application is currently underway which, if successful, will bring in £130,000. Corporate sponsorship will also be sought to fund events, and the businesses present were asked to think of potential sponsors.


Lack of communication was an issue. More meetings were wanted and more breakdowns of how much events cost. A possible change of name from Dunoon Presents was discussed as it does not include Kirn and Sandbank. There were mixed reactions to this with some participants of the opinion that extending the name would make the brand image unwieldy. The consultation period for renewal of BID ends next month. In January ballot papers will be posted and the vote will take place in February. The BID term ends on April 14.

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